Contact the appropriate project leader if you have questions, comments, or would like to express interest in a particular project. 

Current Project Leaders

Beyond Coal Campaign: 
Caleb Brandmeyer -
Laura Schultz -

Political Action:
Sofiya Bobrovska -
Ben Chapman -

Sustainable Business:
Jackie Coreño -
Mali Velasco -

Urban Agriculture:
Matt Martinez -
Justin Vozzo -

If you have something to discuss with our organization but it is not related to a current project, please contact the appropriate officer. You may also contact any officer if you are interested in attending a Planning Session.


Sohinee Oswal - Co-President
MJ Oviatt -  - Co-President
Will Shi - - Treasurer
Caleb Brandmeyer - - Secretary
Becky Vining - - Community Outreach Chair
Abbi Pstrzoch - - Fundraising Chair
Andy Lona  - - Social Chair
Joe Edwards - - Alumni Relations Chair
Laura Schultz - - Blogging/Social Media Chair
Hannah Gutierrez - - YMCA Student Board Rep