Current Projects

The following is a list of our ongoing projects for 2018-2019. If you have any questions, comments, or interest in participating, feel free to contact the project leaders by email or in person during our weekly meetings.

Beyond Coal

Beyond Coal leads the fight for U of I to divest millions of dollars from fossil fuel companies. We believe our university should not profit off an industry that costs marginalized communities their health and ecosystems their functionality. In previous years, our efforts included rallies, referendums, art shows, negotiations with the administration, and more. For the coming year, we are launching our Fossil Free UIUC campaign, advocating to end the school’s sponsorship of Dynegy, and increasing pressure on the administration. Join Beyond Coal for a pivotal role in ensuring the university handles our money in a humane and eco-conscious manner. Let’s divest from fossil fuels today!

Contact: AnnaMae Dziallo | adziall2@illinois.eduWebsite

Political Action

Political Action strives to give a voice to both U of I students and Champaign-Urbana residents alike. Through our collaborative efforts, we express the faults that currently exist within the legal system and investigate ways in which these practices can be improved. Some of our previous endeavors include Earth Week's Political Action Call-In, as well as a series of interviews conducted with several democratic primary candidates running for IL 13th Congressional District. This semester, we plan to continue hosting events like these in order to help our community make informed political decisions and learn how to initiate change within the political system. 

Contact: Rebecca Ebeling |

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business prepares students to use business models and applications as a force for social and environmental change. We explore the ability of various models to provide social value as well as profitability and advocate for sustainable business practices on and off campus. Last year, we worked with Espresso Royale to reduce disposable cup waste and Common Ground Co-Op to educate the community on sustainable grocery stores. This semester, we aim to collaborate with other student led environmental organizations to promote initiatives such as a curriculum on sustainability in the Gies College of Business.

Contact: Vaishnavi Naidu |

Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture is dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture on and around campus. We solve agricultural problems in a way that benefits stakeholders economically, socially, and environmentally. In the past, our efforts have involved educating students about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and how small everyday activities can have a significant impact on reducing pollution. This year, we will be focusing on a partnership with the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment to create a native permaculture garden. Urban Agriculture also hosts the annual SECS plant sale and field trips to sustainable farms.

Contact: Edmond Fitzgerald |