Friday, March 9, 2018


Good morning everyone! Today we want to introduce you to Jackie Coreño, one of our Sustainable Business co-chairs. Jackie is a senior majoring in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability, minoring in Atmospheric Science, and earning a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. She has been in SECS since her freshman year, and became chair of Sustainable Business at the start of this year. Jackie is also an intern at the Water Survey Research Center, as well as a member of Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, Inc., where she serves as both Scholarship Chair and Social Chair.

"One reason why I became interested in saving the environment is that nature is aesthetically pleasing. I love photography and what interested me was nature. It is amazing to see how flowers look with their vibrant colors or how the sun shines between the tree tops. It is soothing to be able to admire nature. Because of this, it should be preserved and cared for – just like anything you love. My love for the environment continues to grow, especially when I travel. Going to Costa Rica allowed me to see nature at its purest state. Being able to hike through the rain forest and volcanoes was breathtaking. Nature is not just beautiful, it is important for life. We should be more aware of the damage that we cause to the environment and the impacts it will have on our future."

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